Book One of The Phositron Journals is the first of three science fiction novels and is now available through most major outlets and through many other retailers. The eBook is also available through many of the same vendors offering the print options. (See Audiobook page for details about that option.)

This story is not a waste of time! Check out what Readers’ Favorite® reviewers say about this five-star story as you read their complete reviews (https://readersfavorite.com/book-review/a-thousand-days-and-one-hour). This story has earned three, 5 star awards and one, 4 star award.

Here are excerpts from what several reviewers say:

A Thousand Days and One Hour contains so much suspense, I couldn’t stop reading.”–Stephanie Chapman

“Smartly written, the story was a delight to read. Surprisingly simple and entertaining, I was expecting to be confused, but my experience was completely different. This was all thanks to the author’s writing style and the fast pace of the narrative.”–Rabia Tanveer

“The dialogue too was especially effective in delivering lots of complex exposition about this inventive new world and how it all worked.”–K.C. Finn

For further information, see an image of the back cover on the News page.